Conclave No.  Name.  Meeting Dates.
 TI Premier Conclave 2nd Mon March, 1st Mon June, 2nd Mon Nov (E)
 TI  Plantagenet Conclave  2nd Wed March (E), October
 3  Lily of the Valley Conclave  4th Tues May, 2nd Mon November (E)
 122  Saye & Sele Conclave 3rd Fri Jun, 3rd Fri Dec (E)
 151  La Vallette Conclave  3rd Sat Jan (KHS), 2nd Sat March (E)
 189  Londinium Conclave  1st Wed Nov (E), 1st Tues Feb, 2nd Wed April
 235  Dalison Conclave  3rd Wed Feb, 2nd Thurs May (E), 4th Wed Nov
 379 Grand Sepulchre Guard  1st Sat May (E), 2nd Sat September (KHS)
 483 Guild of Freemen Conclave  Last working day of January, 2nd Tues July (E)
 506 The Peter Lonnon Sovereigns  Last Wed April (E), Last Monday in November